“Off the Vine with Kaitlyn Bristowe” Podcast Review

Season 11’s Kaitlyn Bristowe is my favorite Bachelorette so far. In my opinion she is one of the most entertaining and honest members of Bachelor Nation. I was excited when she announced she was launching a podcast and quickly subscribed. I have listened to every episode so far. Unfortunately, I find it harder to listen to every week.

She recognizes that her fanbase is mostly Bachelor super fans and does a good job of keeping us interested by having many other Bachelor Nation guests. She asks a lot of behind the scene questions and isn’t afraid to spill secrets.

Her biggest problem is talking about herself a little too much. She often cuts off her guests mid-story to talk about how she’s been through the same thing, or one up them. Sure, Lauren Bushnell, it might have been stressful for you to be in the Bachelor mansion, but Kaitlyn did that and was Bachelorette. She lost some hair in the process!

A few times she has had guests that were hard to relate to. She had Walker Hayes, a country singer I had never heard of, and she did not do a good job introducing him or keeping the topics interesting. I listen to podcasts with guests I don’t know often, and it takes a good introduction and good questions to keep it interesting. Kaitlyn failed at that. More recently she had guests Whitney Bischoff and Jillian Harris who were great choices for Bachelor fans. Unfortunately the episodes both felt like listening to a slumber party you weren’t invited to (with bad audio).

Kaitlyn has good intentions. She has started more fun segments (KEN YOU NOT, Confession Booth). When she started it was too hectic, but she’s starting to reel it in. Unfortunately, the segments often lead to straying way off topic, or talking about disgusting things (she really thinks it’s okay to bite her toenails???) Her ads were intolerable at first, but now she’s starting to make them more into talking with her guest about the product instead of just reading off a page robotically. While they still last 5+ minutes at the end, that’s easy enough to skip.

She also tends to be out of the loop when it comes to Bachelor fans. She watched the last season of Bachelorette and Bachelor in Paradise, and I like when she talks about it. She doesn’t seem to realize, though, that she’s no longer a prominent person in Bachelor Nation. She often complains about ABC dropping her, not letting her on Dancing With The Stars, not paying for her wedding, etc. Having guests like Lauren Bushnell and Wells Adams helped her gain a little relevance, but most of her podcast is joking about getting old and not being relevant. Oh, and there’s Rick. She seems to think Rick is infamous and everyone loves him. Maybe just because I don’t follow her Snapchat, I barely know Rick. I’m happy with that – what I have seen wasn’t that great, and doesn’t need to be her main topic.

The only reason I’d really recommend this podcast is because of the juicy secrets she randomly spills, but since those aren’t guaranteed, it’s not worth the hour every week.


Her best guests:

Spencer & Heidi Pratt – completely random, but a fun listen. Neither knew much about the other, so if you didn’t watch The Hills you didn’t feel completely out of the loop.

Shawn Booth – her fiancé and reoccurring guest. If you’re not a fan of their relationship, the episodes will probably change that. They usually discuss things relevant to Bachelor fans, and have cute stories and banter.

Wells Adams – just released, but Kaitlyn and Wells had great chemistry and bounced off each other easily. For once each segment was entertaining, and behind the scenes secrets were discussed.


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