This Week on Bachelor Podcasts

Off The Vine with Kaitlyn Bristowe

Kaitlyn had Britt Nilsson as her guest. They reminisced on their times together and verified what Kaitlyn has said: there were never hard feelings between them. They discussed how awkward it was that they were portrayed as rivals when in reality they were very close friends and enjoyed doing promotional appearances together. They also discussed Britt’s love story and wedding. Her husband Jeremy had been on her mind since before she competed on Chris Soules season, and Kaitlyn had encouraged her to pursue him after Bachelorette. Brady, the contestant from their season who left Kaitlyn to pursue Britt, also knew Jeremy and suggested he pursue Britt. Britt’s wedding video is on YouTube, and she posts videos regularly. In this weeks Confessional Booth, Britt confessed she used to bite her toenails.

I Don’t Get It Podcast with The Bachelor’s Ashley I

Ashley had guests Kristina and Jared. With Kristina they talked about Justin Bieber, how he has apparently DM’d Raven and Danielle L,  and Ashley compared Kristina/Dean to Selena/Justin. The cohosts are huge fans of Kristina and claimed that she is America’s sweetheart. Ashley said if Justin DM’d anyone, it would have made the most sense to be Kristina (he did not DM Kristina). Kristina explained she hasn’t moved to Nashville yet because she has another 2 months on her lease in Kentucky.

At the start of the episode the girls had a mini “Ghostbusters” segment where Ashley gave a long story about a guy who not only  ghosted her intensely, but also stood her up and got engaged to his baby mama. Ashley refused to admit his behavior was out of line and believed his lies. When Jared came on the girls were discussing Instagram trends they are tired of. It was pretty much agreed that “plandids” (planned candids) are getting old.

Scrubbing In with Becca Tilley

Becca had Jojo as a cohost. They talked about Greys Anatomy and Riverdale, and why Becca sucks at dating (she “has no feelings”). The featured guest was a woman from Desperate Housewives who gave advice on being a reality star, keeping her kids safe, and having a lasting marriage. Jojo mentioned that she definitely wants kids and, unrelated, that she is strongly inspired by Kim Kardashian and considering dyeing her hair silver.

Help! I Suck at Dating with Dean Unglert

Dean had Adam and Raven call in, and a woman provide information about crystals and shakras. Adam and Raven gave advice on long distance dating. They agreed that their jobs keep them busy, but they plan to move together eventually. Adam hinted at Raven opening up a shop in Texas or possibly moving to LA. Raven is opening up a children’s line for her shop. She said her rule of long distance is “if I don’t see you for two weeks we’re breaking up.” She met Adam’s family and they try to see each other every weekend. Dean went on to have a crystal reading and then took a letter from a listener. The listener, Stephanie, called him out on everything he does wrong with his podcast and she was spot on. Her last point was that he’s too stubborn and never takes the advice he is given, to which he gave a stubborn defensive reaction.

The Almost Famous Podcast with Ben Higgins and Ashley Iaconetti

Ben and Ashley had guests Jade Tolbert and Courtney Robinson. Jade called in briefly and gave a run down on how good her life is lately. She said having a baby is hard but rewarding and she can’t wait to be pregnant again. They talked about how Tanner was the guy on his season who knew everything about The Bachelorette and it’s interesting that he is one of the only ones with a normal job now. Later Ashley and Ben called Courtney Robinson mostly to talk about Arie. Courtney basically admitted she can no longer say Arie was her best in bed. She also does not plan to watch his season. She thinks he is ready for marriage (“he has his cab light on” was the Sex and the City reference she used), and she is happy for him. She understands if her friendship with him will have to deteriorate when he has a fiance. The last of the podcast was spent with producer Amy explaining who she is, then suggesting she could hook Ben or Ashley up with celebrities, in reference to Wells getting with Sarah Hyland. Ashley is hoping to get with the quarterback from the 49ers, Ben is hoping to get with Jennifer Aniston.

Your Favorite Thing Podcast with Wells and Brandi has not released an episode this week and Mouthing Off with Olivia Caridi refuses to play on my device.


Kaitlyn Bristowe is going to Broadway!

In her newest episode of Off The Vine yesterday, Kaitlyn announced she is headed to Broadway this winter! Starting in November she will be hosting a 6 week holiday show featuring artists from The Voice, American Idol, America’s Got Talent and more. Kaitlyn said she will be joining the chorus for a few songs as well.

Her guest this week was fiancé Shawn B for the fifth time. Along with her announcement, they further discussed her belief in ghosts including a long story about being visited by Shawn’s grandpa. They offered relationship advice and played “can you not” where they called each other out.

“I Don’t Get It” with Ashley Iaconetti Podcast Review

Ashley Iaconetti made herself known after crying through 3 seasons of Bachelor shows. Though a controversial figure after all the drama she started, she has maintained quite a following. Her Podcast has been out for months and holds a solid 4 star rating.

“I Don’t Get It,” often co-hosted by her sister Lauren and friend Naz, feels like having a sleepover with girl friends. The theme is talking about things they don’t get, which started with discussing “how girls get boyfriends,” because neither Nas nor Ashley have ever been in a long term relationship. They have since delved into topics like pregnancy, ghosting, and romantic comedies.

After many episodes it’s clear that there is a lot these girls don’t get about the real world. Listening to it feels like watching an episode of Sex and the City (which they reference often)— the characters are so extreme and unrealistic, and idolize relationships and men on an unhealthy level. The Podcast gets uncomfortable because unlike Carrie and her friends, Ashley, Lauren, and Nas are real women. They all talk like girls from high school, they are mean to girls they are jealous of, they glorify every cute guy including celebrities and boy bands, they are so enamored by romantic films and stories, and they talk about sex like it’s so unusual or gross.

Ashley has experience in broadcasting from her college studies, and does a good job making transitions and asking questions. Unfortunately, both her and Lauren have deep, mumbly, monotone voices. Still, through her Bachelor connections she has been able to bring in Bachelor Nation A-listers including Jade and Tanner, Carly and Evan, and Corinne. Behind-the-scenes information comes out every now and then, but it’s always combated by having to hear Ashley talk about Jared.

The show is fun for a break from reality and usually a trip down Rom Com memory lane. They have reliably fun guests and guilty-pleasure topics. It’s just one of those things you feel bad after listening to too much of.

“Your Favorite Thing Podcast with Wells & Brandi” Review

Wells Adams was first known for being the last guy to kiss Jojo on Bachelorette Season 12. He went on Bachelor in Paradise season 3 afterwards and became known as The Guy Ashley I Left Jared For. In season 4 of BIP Wells was not looking for love, but there to make drinks and provide a commentary.

He lost some peoples respect from his extremely cheesy puppet routine on BIP 4, but he proves that he can be a funny guy on his Podcast….whenever he’s not trying too hard. His experience in broadcasting automatically puts him ahead of most people jumping on the Podcast bandwagon. He offers smooth transitions, well-prepared segments, and a clear radio voice. The theme of the Podcast is favorite things so each host and guest brings in a list of things that they liked that week. Wells is great at staying on topic.

They have had interesting guests from Bachelor Nation like Christen Whitney and Danielle Maltby, and Wells is not afraid to give away behind-the-scenes info. So far they have discussed Bachelor related news every week.

Brandi Cyrus is mildly famous because she is in the Cyrus family. She has experience in broadcasting and interviewing that she brings to the Podcast. Like most of the listeners, she is an outsider to Bachelor Nation but keeps up with the show. She is great at asking questions that most viewers are wondering. When it comes the favorite things segments, she throws out a lot of “gatekeeping” vibes. She has a lot of firm opinions that could make any listener who disagrees uncomfortable. She tends to disagree with Wells a lot on little things, and be condescending when he argues. He’s lighthearted enough that it never goes too far.

This podcast has a lot of potential. They are planning more interesting guests and I think it would be great to keep it more of an interview Podcast. As long as they can keep their Bachelor fan base, it should be sustainable. I am happy to stay subscribed and see where it goes.

 “Help! I Suck at Dating with Dean Unglert” Podcast Review

Dean Unglert was in the final four on Bachelorette season 13 and an instant fan favorite. On Bachelor in Paradise season 4, he made himself infamous by leading the season’s big love triangle. Now as he’s trying to redeem himself by making a podcast where he gets dating advice.

“Help! I Suck at Dating” highlights everything annoying about Dean. He’s self-deprecating, but not genuinely apologetic. He keeps repeating that he’s serious, but refuses to answer anything seriously. He says honesty is important but we’ve all seen him “trying” to be honest. He’s trying to reclaim being bad at dating as his own thing, but he’s refusing to admit that he’s actually bad at it. Every episode gets worse, and it just feels like he’s beating a dead horse.

Dean has brought in interesting guests with good advice. He’s had experts from multiple reality TV dating shows, with differing perspectives. But, anytime that they start to give interesting advice, he makes it about his past. If they say something negative, he gets defensive.

To make us even more uncomfortable, he keeps bringing in his exes. On the teaser for his podcast he called Kristina Schulman, who BIP fans know has trouble seeing his flaws. In episode one, he called up his girlfriend from elementary school, who had nothing negative to say. In his most recent episode, he called up his high school sweetheart. She hadn’t seen his stint on Bachelor in Paradise, but said he was a good boyfriend. So now we know, if he commits to one girl he’s great. Seems like we could move on now.

Dean has called some guests from Bachelor Nation. Besides Kristina, he has called Peter Kraus, Rachel Lindsay, and Bryan Abasolo. While Rachel was honest and called him out for his dating flaws, Peter seemed like he was asked to be on the show as a wing man, just to tell listeners that Dean is not that bad. This podcast format does not leave space for behind-the-scenes news or secrets about Bachelor Nation.

His last segment of every show involves getting calls from fans to discuss dating do’s and don’ts. The segment is called “Do you suck at dating if ____” and fangirls call in to say if certain dating habits are bad or not. The only thing you can really learn from this segment is that everyone has different opinions.

This show is trying too hard to fix Dean’s reputation. If it becomes an honest dating advice show, it has potential. But if we have to keep talking about Dean’s dating history, it’s going to get boring. Besides all that, he also just isn’t a great choice for a podcaster. His voice is generally monotone, and he refuses to talk about uncomfortable topics. Ultimately I would not recommend this podcast, but I am interested to see how long it lasts.



“Off the Vine with Kaitlyn Bristowe” Podcast Review

Season 11’s Kaitlyn Bristowe is my favorite Bachelorette so far. In my opinion she is one of the most entertaining and honest members of Bachelor Nation. I was excited when she announced she was launching a podcast and quickly subscribed. I have listened to every episode so far. Unfortunately, I find it harder to listen to every week.

She recognizes that her fanbase is mostly Bachelor super fans and does a good job of keeping us interested by having many other Bachelor Nation guests. She asks a lot of behind the scene questions and isn’t afraid to spill secrets.

Her biggest problem is talking about herself a little too much. She often cuts off her guests mid-story to talk about how she’s been through the same thing, or one up them. Sure, Lauren Bushnell, it might have been stressful for you to be in the Bachelor mansion, but Kaitlyn did that and was Bachelorette. She lost some hair in the process!

A few times she has had guests that were hard to relate to. She had Walker Hayes, a country singer I had never heard of, and she did not do a good job introducing him or keeping the topics interesting. I listen to podcasts with guests I don’t know often, and it takes a good introduction and good questions to keep it interesting. Kaitlyn failed at that. More recently she had guests Whitney Bischoff and Jillian Harris who were great choices for Bachelor fans. Unfortunately the episodes both felt like listening to a slumber party you weren’t invited to (with bad audio).

Kaitlyn has good intentions. She has started more fun segments (KEN YOU NOT, Confession Booth). When she started it was too hectic, but she’s starting to reel it in. Unfortunately, the segments often lead to straying way off topic, or talking about disgusting things (she really thinks it’s okay to bite her toenails???) Her ads were intolerable at first, but now she’s starting to make them more into talking with her guest about the product instead of just reading off a page robotically. While they still last 5+ minutes at the end, that’s easy enough to skip.

She also tends to be out of the loop when it comes to Bachelor fans. She watched the last season of Bachelorette and Bachelor in Paradise, and I like when she talks about it. She doesn’t seem to realize, though, that she’s no longer a prominent person in Bachelor Nation. She often complains about ABC dropping her, not letting her on Dancing With The Stars, not paying for her wedding, etc. Having guests like Lauren Bushnell and Wells Adams helped her gain a little relevance, but most of her podcast is joking about getting old and not being relevant. Oh, and there’s Rick. She seems to think Rick is infamous and everyone loves him. Maybe just because I don’t follow her Snapchat, I barely know Rick. I’m happy with that – what I have seen wasn’t that great, and doesn’t need to be her main topic.

The only reason I’d really recommend this podcast is because of the juicy secrets she randomly spills, but since those aren’t guaranteed, it’s not worth the hour every week.


Her best guests:

Spencer & Heidi Pratt – completely random, but a fun listen. Neither knew much about the other, so if you didn’t watch The Hills you didn’t feel completely out of the loop.

Shawn Booth – her fiancé and reoccurring guest. If you’re not a fan of their relationship, the episodes will probably change that. They usually discuss things relevant to Bachelor fans, and have cute stories and banter.

Wells Adams – just released, but Kaitlyn and Wells had great chemistry and bounced off each other easily. For once each segment was entertaining, and behind the scenes secrets were discussed.